Monday, March 5, 2012

The Big Switcheroo

The time has finally come....
I'm entering the unfamiliar and unknown world of Wordpress. Hopefully, this site will be easy to maneuver around for you...
and me.
Ok, confession time:
I'm really a lil concerned
Blame me? I mean....Good grief!!!!!! It's not that long ago that I actually learned how to post a picture on blogger.
My website is still under construction so you might be seeing some funky happenings, but I'll get it straight...sooner or later! I'll figure it out, so bare with me as I venture into my new wordpress world...

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring is Comingggggggg

I've got the "itis"
Springitius, that is.
Not too much is out, even in the South, but I did manage to snag
 a couple of 7.50 Boston ferns from Lowes.
I also grabbed up a purple Senetti flower.
I've never bought one before and think it needs a lil more light than it's going to get ~
but by the time the new flowers hit the stores...I won't care.
I've got creeping jenny in this pot that's slowly creeping to the top waiting to creep down the sides.
Tulips are pushing through as well.  
I also added some white petunias.  Even it does get chilly, they should survive it.
That's a Lady Banks Rose in the pot as well.  I'm not sure what I was thinking with this one. If it gets any bigger, people won't be able to get through the front door. HA! I think I wanted it to have that cottage feel...
Not the overgrown feel.
Right now, things are still ok, we will see...
This is Fred the Frog.  He sits on my front porch and ribbets
 at any intruder who dares invade our tiny castle..
He's looking mighty sassy with his fine hair do'.
I bought him at an antique store about 11 years ago..
I've been kissing him daily just a waiting to see if he would turn into my perfect prince...
so far....
not so much.
I put this 4.00 bird house on my front porch. You can find these lil guys most anywhere.
He just makes it feel cozy.

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